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First Tour - Lower Reaches Part One

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(Map) This series of pictures was taken flying upstream from the coast toward Chittenden Gap and Highway 101
This is the Pajaro River just upstream from Watsonville and flying towards Highway 101.

Monterey County is on the right, Santa Cruz County on the left.

Here it is a narrow infilled channel, bordered by "benches" on both sides that extend out to protective levees. 

Here we can see the 1995 levee breakpoint (extreme left meander - break on right side of river).

The view is upstream, with San Juan Road on the right.
Here we are looking backwards from the aircraft - the view is downstream. This is Murphy Crossing and the start of the Lower River levee project.

This is the Logan Quarry operation viewed towards the rear of the aircraft and downstream towards Watsonville.
Once again looking downstream, here we see the confluence of the Pajaro River and the San Benito River (Right)