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First Tour - San Benito Part Two

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(Map) The actual source of the San Benito River is further south off the bottom of this picture. This tour concerns itself only with the downstream portion of the river from approximately Tres Pinos through Hollister and on to where it joins the Pajaro near the exit of Soap Lake and Highway 101.
A closer view of an example of landslides carrying sediment into upper San Benito River just downstream from the junction with Tres Pinos Creek. This view is toward the southwest.
Tres Pinos Creek viewed downstream towards the west.

The Tres Pinos quarry operation is in an old terrace, but the spoils are in the floodplain partly diked away from flow.
Hospital Road Crossing.

The County Planning Department is atop the bluff on the right. Old quarry operations in the river (right foreground) are now diked off from active flow.
Union Road view, looking north toward Hollister
Lower Sewage Treatment plant, looking downstream past Highway 156
Detail of the lower sewage treatment plant close to the bridge over the San Benito at this point.
Detail of the main part of the sewage treatment plant, running alongside the bed of the San Benito.
Looking downstream of Sod Farm. The Lucy Brown Lane gravel operation is shut down.