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Second Tour - Soap Lake

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(Map) Soap Lake is not really a lake - it is a flat plain just up-stream from the Chittenden Gap choke-point, and where a number of separate creeks and rivers come together before flowing through the Chittenden Gap on the way to Watsonville and eventually the Pacific Ocean.
Here we can see the railroad and Highway 101 in the foreground, and two streams flowing to the right. The far one is the Pajaro. Highway 25 is visible to the left in the background, heading south toward Hollister.
The Santa Clara Valley Water District, together with the Land Trust for Santa Clara County, recently acquired around 500 acres of Soap Lake - this picture is looking at a portion of that property which is located across 101 from Sargent Ranch where near where Soap Lake re-enters the Pajaro and where the railroad crosses 101. Tar Creek and Tick Creek cross the property and at the north end is Gavilan Creek.
It is anticipated that wetland enhancement can occur on the portion east (beyond in the photo) of the railroad berm and power line.